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. al eight of them had signed statement condemning george wallace's speech in january. so they thought themselves as moderate in context of alabama. they were the online info, as it were. folk, as ithtened were goo. so to see that what king was doing to create ill will among the races, it tells you something about the mindset of even the moderates who were the abject of "letter from birmingham jail." king explodes on the phone at robert kennedy and kennedy is so taken aback that he hands the phone over to burke marshall. this anger that had been building, frustration over moderate whites saying go slow, be cautious, don't push things, was all embodied in the eight white ministers who basically said nothing about love the negro because he is your brother. these are clergyman simply ising protest is extreme, violent, it causes bad feelings. a new be -- wait because administration will come along and it just got to king. as white walker put it, his cup of endurance runneth over. that is why the letter is so important t. it was not just the clergy. it was his view of the kennedy administra
recent assassination attempt back then had been when arthur bremmer shot and paralyzed george wallace. look at that scene, at a campaign stop in maryland. guns were a continuing part of the national debate back then but the total gun deaths in 1972 what it isrd of today, three times as many killings a year in this country in 1972 when we already knew it was a problem. when we return, what intelligence does the president get every single morning about iran, about north korea. we have the experts and scoops >> with all the unpredictable moves by iran and north korea, how good is our spy craft? does our c.i.a. know enough to tell the president how big a threat they pose? his senate confirmation hearing, john brennan said both on getting hell bent nuclear weapons and delivering them. andegimes in tehran p'yongyang remain bent on pursuing nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missile delivery systems rather ofn meeting basic needs their people. chris: let's look at north korea, the guy with the bad haircut. is he really the boss in making firingision on actually off a missile or w
wants a gun and the person getting the gun. >> this is like george wallace on the steps saying i don't care what you say, i don't care if the tide of history or politics is against me, i'm going to say no, no, no, and they are catering to the far right and the base that they need in 2016 and -- >> they are also saying no to these people. let's look at the president in newtown. i get a sense during this speech that it was the heart talking, not a script writer. this was the president and his heart. let's watch. >> when i said in my state of the union of address that these proposals deserve a vote, that the families of tucson and aurora and former member of congress, gabby giffords, that they all deserve a vote, virtually every member in that chamber stood up and applauded and now they are going to stop denying your families a vote when the cameras are off and when the lobbyists have worked what they do? you deserve better than that. you deserve a vote. >> you know, we live in a very violent country and especially the political country. it wasn't just george gabby. it was malcolm x, bo
want you to tell j. edgar hoover, i want you to tell george wallace, i want you to tell everybody. that no matter what they think, we are going to be free. and the whole church just cheered. >> but there were no cheers when fbi surveillance caught dr. king in an embarrassing moment. it was 1964 at the willard hotel in washington, d.c. >> a bunch of guys were in the room clowning, and they were having a very good time. and then it quieted down, and someone was left in the room and was recorded in the act of sexual intercourse. and they assumed it was dr. king. >> the same year at another hotel in los angeles, the fbi recorded dr. king telling a dirty joke about the recently assassinated president john kennedy. hoover sent the tape and transcript to bobby kennedy. the fbi tapes did not endear king to the attorney general or the white house. >> the price that was paid was that there was never as much close trust between president kennedy, president johnson, and king. >> hoover's contempt for king was clear in his scrawl left on several fbi memos. >> king is a tomcat with obsessive de
happened before these bills. >> we saw the leaders of the republican party really attempt to be the george wallaces of the 21st century. they engaged in tyranny. they passed to suppress the vote vote. we've had the highest per capita voting rate in any state in the union in the last few elections and they know that the south is changing. they're trying to stop what i call the thirdly construction. they passed a voter document that is unnecessary because we already had signature access, and we have not had any evidence of voter fraud. their claim of fraud is fraudulent itself. this is an tempt to stop progress and it's so wrong and we're going to find it with everything we have. >> john: we've seen admissions like this across the country that tend to target minorities poor folks or seniors and in this case it's targeting college students. there has been a lot of public support for voteer i.d. laws. now my mom and brother they don't agree but is there that much support for this? >> i do not believe that is true. when voters find out this is about politicians who are manipulating the rules t
to be the new george wallace. he's chosen to go in a backward direction rather than follow his previous moderation as mayor of charlotte. he has gone in a backward direction, and that is not going to work. it's very exciting that people are willing to come forward. once again you see young people in the spring, if you can't do something as a college student if you you can't take a stand as a young person you never will. this struggle is a constant one. we don't want north carolina to be worse than mississippi and alabama. the voting rights in north carolina is more restrictive than alabama and south carolina. people are embarrassed, and they're taking shots at plaque people, women and minorities and lib, but they're also hitting poor working people and poor white southerners many of whom are republicans. we're getting a lot of support in this new movement. >> michael: it's worth pointing out, the mayor of charlotte was named labor secretary. you know, those are a black mayor in the south all these years on going to washington to be in the president's cabinet. you talked about the popula
to the will of the people. because the people who elected george wallace governor of alabama we peteedly in the early 1960's, if we asked them do you think your children shut go to school with black children? do you think black children should be able to drink out of the same water fountain as white people. they would have said no to everything. we noted that. >> bill: you could full phi the founding fathers by saying most of them were slave holders. you don't nullify people because of historical astros cities. you don't do that. >> i think you can use the will of the people in almost every case but not in some cases this is one of those cases. can i give you the third example real quick? >> bill: i don't want to you outkick your coverage here to use a sports met for. let me zero in on the first one you said you and i can disagree on the constitutionality of the federal government imposing a differential standard of message. goldberg ceases it one way. o'reilly sees it the other way. we both have valid points, all right? they are both based on civil law. my thing is equal protection. you can't have the fede
're not worth making, but you just ask the question, okay, was george wallace in the greatest president? was right eisenhower the greatest president? we could have this argument, and it would not really change the history of anything. it would, perhaps not change the way we think about it. i teach writing at the university of texas as well as history. one of the things i tell my princess historians is that every work of history is a combination of story and argument, of narrative and pieces. and i have to say that the longer write the more i emphasize the narrative, the more i emphasize the story. and the less attention i give to the argument. some of this has to do with what i alluded to a moment ago which is arguments come and go. you know the arguments. eisenhower, when he was in office was considered to be this bill guy he really did not have a sense of all was going on, and then there was this wave of eisenhower revisionists and every he was then and beyond everything that happened in the 1920's. i don't know that we ended up knowing more about eisenhower. sometimes we know more ab
this front of school doors, they were democrats. george wallace was a democrat. orville -- [inaudible] of little rock was a democrat. and not all of them became republicans once the civil rights act got passed. so the idea that republicans are racist is not fair. you look at the his right-of-way the democratic -- history of the democratic party, this is a party that voted against the 13th, 14th amendment and basically every civil rights legislation passed in the 9th century -- 19th century, the republican party was against it. the first successful presidential candidate was a guy named abraham lincoln. republicans have a major story to tell. but often people don't want to hear about it, they believe the republicans are racist, and they shut their minds to it. this is not your grandfather's republican party. republicans are very sensitive about reaching out to blacks and hispanics. but they often con desend. they often say things like, oh, i know somebody who picked fruit with cesar chavez. i'm not looking for a fishing buddy, i'm looking for somebody who's going to advance policies th
. i was standing on the capitol steps where just a few years before i stood before george wallace with a petition of the montgomery march. he slammed the door in our face. but god opened another door. and he had a young man walk-in who i heard -- martin's voice andng, deal with character not color. .eal with integrity, not race when we come here today, god is calling us. i am so proud of what you are doing. i do not know if i will ever be back here again. it will know how long i amut whatever time it is ready. [applause] -- i have thought i am not fearing any man. i have seen the glory. i tell you -- sit down, i am not through. [laughter] [applause] when you get 91 you can take some. you cannot say you will not invite me next time because i might be in heaven. , toi, i am proud to be here the thing they, want from us is for us not to be together. that there learned is no sense in turning on each other. we have to turn to each other. and i thank you, brother al, for what you are doing. . just want one final thing we have got to understand that god is sending us a message. what clea
for history. he already looks like george wallace saying segregation now segregation forever. younger americans are the ones that the party needs to relate to. so this is a problem that the party has because there's still a constituency among them, the tony perkins who asked instead of donating to the rnc to donate to his organization. it's a self-serving argument. thaw they have a small base but it's still one that gets very aingry about gay people having equal rights. >> he mentioned core principles. core principles if you go to-to-back to lincoln, low taxes, national security, defining marriage bun way oar the other is not a core principle of the republican party. that's not what we should be all about. it's not the headline about what the rnc meeting should be. why is the gdp crawling? why is unemployment so high? that's what americans want to hear about. if you look at the poles, that's what they care about, the social issues are not ones we we're going to win on long term. mie believe is they are state issues. but be that as it may, those are not the headline point we should put
they want to be known as the george wallaces of the 21st century. it is kind of like the white southern strategy being revisited with the 21st century twist. had started out at the beginning of the legislative -- they cut 500,000 people from medicaid, health care. decided not to take it. 165,000 people that cut out of unemployment. and now they are attacking voting rights. they also decided that they want to go after labor rights, want to put impediments in the constitution for labor rights. cut 900,000 working people's earned income taxes, effectively raising tax owes the poor. so they could give a tax cut to 23 wealthy families. now they are going after voting rights. voter i.d. that they have passed in the house is more restrictive than south carolina and alabama. they will not allow people with impediments to still be able to vote as south carolina does. and they have denied private school i.d.s as a form of i.d. in this state. so schools like wake forest or duke university students or shell students, they are -- would be denied. 89,000 private school students in this state. and thi
by a effigy of his own likeness. the city had its own george wallace who channelled the resentment ofs of white ethnic boston for campaigns of the school board, city council, members of congress, slogan, you know where i-stand. in 1989, a young doctor was driving home through roxbury with his pregnant wife and a black man stopped them at gunpoint ask shot them. mother and baby were killed and the husband, charles stewart, barely survived. his story terrified the city. if something so awful and random could happen to charles and carol stewart, well, was anyone safe? politicians demanded answers and police arrest ad suspect. but there was a catch. charles stewart had made it up. all of it. he was actual lie the one that killed his wife. he just figured the easiest way to get away with it was to say black guy had done it. for a while everyone with any power believed him. you could feel generations of abject frustration in the black community in boston boiling over. >> they showed to us an insidious form of racism by being so easily convinced that a black man would indiscriminately attack
with chris wallace. it airs at 6:00 p.m.. >> gregg: george w. bush is a grandfather. his daughter jenna and her husband will be welcoming a little girl or have welcomed a little girl. calling her mela for short. the former president and proud granddad sharing the happy news, saying mom and daughter are healthy. mela is the second great-grandchild of former president george herbert walker bush. >> heather: taxman cometh along with a new controversy. is the irs reading your personal emails. could be according to new reports. legal panel debates that up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ using telemedical and mobile technologies, verizon innovators are connecting trauma surgeons to patients in the field. helping them get the attention they need, before they even reach the hospital. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. 8% every 10 years.age 40, we can start losing muscle -- wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hm
, tim wallace or david gregory hosting the show >> bill: when he was the white house reporter for msnbc under george bush in the time of the iraq, david gregory was one of the most aggressive almost a sam donaldson kind of reporter in the briefing. i wasn't there then but i just remember watching him and praising him for challenging all of this stuff we were hearing about reps of mass destruction, for example. let's say hello to john. thanks for joining us. >> hi, gang. thank goodness for media matters. >> holding these people account accountable. sunday shows, it just shows i got two or three minutes can. it shows the amazing success. this is my term, the bully boys the bully boys on the right, o'reilly, hannity and limbaugh in intimidating the mainstream press. every other show is, you know, the left wing press, undermining the country, the left wing press is, you know, this business, it's the same cushy kind of statements, the false equivalency between both sides. washington is broken. why didn't obama bring bi-partisanship? washington is not
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)